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Wow, have I got a story for you!!!

You're not going to believe what has happened to me! It’s been over a year and a half now since I lost track of all my friends and got caught up in a mess with my caregiver. It is a horror story but it really happened to me. Don't worry, I am getting back on my feet, well, back in my wheelchair. So here's the story as it happened.

My life partner Susan and I had been together for 22 years when that terrible disease called cancer came and took her way. It was her second encounter and we were surprised because it was not related to the previous stage 3 ovarian cancer that she was in total remission. This one was non-small cell lung cancer. It hit and took her in less than 2 years.

Unfortunately, the house, the car, and everything was in her name, and her kids only wanted the money so I was booted out of the house with only a few things I had. My wheelchair, my computer, and my personal possessions less the things her kids stole. They were in the house going through everything within a few hours of her passing.

At that time my caregiver seemed like a really nice person and said she would be happy to let me move in with her and her other client, boyfriend. I could have my own room for $500 a month plus the run of the house and I only had to pay for my share of the groceries and utilities. They helped me move all my possessions and put some things in storage. Everything went smoothly for about 6 months until I started missing money from my checking account and private stash.

Then we moved to the country. That is when everything went to hell in a handbasket. I had qualified for a power wheelchair earlier but the new place had no ramps so the powerchair was stored in the garage. I had a regular wheelchair for use in the house so when I wanted to go somewhere I had to have help getting down to my Powerchair. There were three steps down to the garage and even though I had a transport service that would take me and my wheelchair to doctor appointments, they wouldn't help me down the steps.

My caregiver was helping me less and less and even took 4 weeks off to go to Morocco to visit her husband there. That left me in the care of her other client, her boyfriend, who was disabled and had gangrene in one foot after having his big toe amputated. So he wasn't much help. Along with a dirty house and two dogs running around, I developed gangrene from a small wound on my 3rd toe. I had to have that one toe amputated but the infection spread across all of my toes and into the bones. It has taken 10 months to get that cleared up.

Then I Overheard a conversation between her and her boyfriend saying that she was going to cause me to have an accident and “break my F***ing scrawny little neck”. Her plan was to create this accident like I had fallen off the porch in my wheelchair. Then take my money and everything that I had and that I was not the first one. She was a big gal and quite capable. Needless to say, it scared the crap out of me and the only thing I could think of was to get the hell out of there before it happened.

I also discovered I was missing several thousand dollars I had stashed in a secret place. A plastic container inside my computer tower, along with several new charges on my credit card. so with all of this. I had to get out of there. Pretty scary stuff huh? Also overheard she had done this to another client sometime back and got away with it. Now I was really scared.

I couldn't get downstairs by myself and into my power wheelchair and where would I go? The only thing I could think of was to fall back on the fact that my foot was bothering me with the gangrene. So one morning when everyone was gone I called an ambulance to take me to the hospital. When I got there I told them the whole story, They notified Medicare and I was put in protective custody in the hospital. After that, I was transferred to a nursing home where I now reside.

I've managed to save up enough money to buy a refurbished laptop. Thank God I bought some programs before all of this, where information was stored on the cloud. Information like my mailing list and all my eBooks. Unfortunately by this time most of the content in eBooks has to be rewritten. I imagine some folks have dropped from my list but I hope you are not one of them. I really care about the folks like you and enjoy helping you.

I have some new ebooks that I want to share with you now that I can contact you. God bless you and I hope you never have to experience what I went through. I don't want your sympathy. I just hope none of you have to experience what I went through. Now it's time to start over and put everything back together again. What the hell? I'm only 82. I think that I am young enough to start over. I still have my mind and I was very happy with what did before. I love helping other folks like you. All I ask is a small review on the eBooks I am sharing with you and a very small price, under $3.00 total. That is only $1.00 per eBook. All of the eBooks are yours to keep and enjoy. As soon as I get my new website up and finish writing my new course, I will charge much more for my eBooks. I am still here for you when you need my help. Contact me here and my new website at Home | My Site (

Love Ya’


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