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Not all that Glitters is GOLD!

Not all the Glitters Is Gold. With the advent of AI, there are a lot of crooks out there who just want to take your money and figured out how to do it. One of those tricks hook up with a reseller like Warrior Plus we can't be reached by email or any other method and tells you that you must contact the seller. A lot of internet marketers like myself are very interested in AI and when we see something that looks like it will help us we tend to investigate it more deeply but they planned for that.

These jerks that put up these crooked sites know what they're doing. They have expertise in website building so they know all the tricks turns and hooks to get you to sign up. Yep, I fell victim not once but three times. The first one got me two times because they put up their sights under 2 different names and with two different layouts with different voice presentations, Those names were AI News and Pro Web Ventures. It went back to one website and one control panel With no contract information and nowhere to reach them or talk to them. Nothing but dead ends. My final result was to contact my banker and file an investigation. I am still waiting for an answer.

The first clue is that they keep hitting you with upsells and I am talking 7, 8, 9, or more a week. The next tactic is to flood your emails with more upsells and those go nowhere or give you something you can't use Like a fast-play video that says nothing or dead links. Yeah, they said in the presentation that all you had to do once you got the control panel, you could email them and they would refund your money Without question. This is the name behind the first two. Yogesh Agarwal and here is his rubber email address, which bounces like a bad check

Now for Jerk number 2.

Seyi Adeleke

I'm not going to go into it all the way because it's just the same thing over again I was impressed by the website I bought in and then they started hit me with the upsells. Again all the contact email links were dead no way I could contact these people and wire plus were no help because I can contact them either. The same story contact the seller.

same old story, All that Glitters Is Not Gold. I get the feeling that the same bunch of people are developing these websites and I'm starting to see the same things with the Arabic names on all their endorsements and the same rocker panels same designs and the same hooks so beware you could be the next victim. Watch for Warrior Plus tied to the websites.

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