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Over 40 years of experience in marketing, internet, and AI​

Meet Michael Smith, ESM, I am glad you decided to spend some of your valuable time with me here at AI and eBooks.  

Now a little about me. I have an extensive background in direct marketing, computers, and the Internet. I have worked for 3 of the biggest Recreational Resort Companies in the U.S. and went from line sales representative to management in less than 2 years with the first company. In my first year, I was in the top 7 of 480 representatives and went on to develop sales training programs for them. As a result, I was retained by 2 other top companies to redesign their sales programs and set up a complete training program. Teaching their sales management to teach their sales representatives. Prior to this time most of my background was in other types of direct sales. 

After leaving that industry to start my own E-Business it was a whole new World. After 2 years of trying to come up with a good foundation, I decided to combine my previous background with Internet marketing. It has brought me to where I am today. A perfect marriage of the two. I am not alone. A hand full of Top Internet marketers have applied similar concepts. The result? Hard Work plus Knowledge equals Success!

I started marketing on the Internet in 1995. I have been retired for 20 years and just lost my Significant Other to cancer. I am 82 years young and wanted to do something to keep me occupied after my loss. My mind still works well even though I am in a wheelchair. I needed something to do! So here I am.

My goal is to share this knowledge with you but you have to work at applying it. I can't do that for you. If you are willing to put in the effort, accept my philosophy, and be willing to share your success with others, I am willing to become your mentor. I will help you at no charge. Yes. I want you to use my products and services because I know they are the best available. That is your benefit. The rest is up to you!!!! You can benefit from my help.

Why am I doing this? It is really quite simple. Most of my success has come from a combination of things and the first is giving my knowledge to others like you. I call it the "Key to Abundance". In other words "You Receive in Exact Proportion to What You Give" Throughout my career, I have followed this rule and it has unlocked all of the doors for me as well as those whom I have given it.

A question: What does "ESM" stand for? Answer: In a position, I held as a marketing trainer and motivator for a large company several years ago (salesforce 550 plus representatives) I qualified in the top 5 of the company. The title for that position was ESM. Elite Sales Master. Like any professional, I earned the title and the right to put it with my signature much like PhD. or MD.

A very high honor that was earned through being the best. A rule of the ESM title was no matter where I went, I was to share my knowledge with others to help them succeed. The one thing that I stressed then and now is to follow the law of my "Declaration of Independence". Put the law "Key" into your life today. It works!!!! You will be able to obtain that E-Book at my E-Book Store.

Remember though I can only give you the "Key" and then it is up to you to put it into practice in your life. Only a few choose to put the "Key" to work for them. Put it to work for you and unlock the door to Abundance. The story behind this is called my "Declaration of Independence". You can purchase it at the above link. Check at the end of this E-Book to get 40% off. I know I am repeating myself but for a good reason. It is the one thing that worked for me and others I have shared it with and it can work for you.

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