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Welcome to eBooks and AI
An individually owned business with over 25 years of experience in marketing with eBooks. I specialize in teaching users how to write, publish, and market their eBooks, and now we are also offering AI as an additional service. Let us help you become a successful eBook author and successful business owner!
Michael Smith

A little about me

My name is Michael Smith, ESM. I have over 20 years in the eBook and ePublishing business. Now I have brought AI into the mix and you can benefit from my experience. Find out more about me and my background HERE.

I didn't realize how exciting and fun AI was until I started using it. Now I want to share that experience with you, So get onboard for the RIDE.

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Introducing AI and eBooks

The ultimate AI and eBooks business! With AI and eBooks, you can make eBooks with AI-created content that can be tailored to suit any niche. Additionally, get the know-how of starting your own ePublishing business with one of our eCourses. Don't miss out - start your AI and eBooks journey now!

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Learn all about eBooks and AI

Now you can easily apply eBooks and all of your content with a few affordable programs and my excellent help as easy as 123. Don't miss out on the RIDE to success with my knowledge and very little effort. Just follow through with my easy fun to read eBooks. Yup! I did this on purpose so you can see the value of eBooks in your eBusiness and the ease of writing them with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Life has really gotten easier with the evolution of AI.

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